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Safari Camp
Ages 7-12 years
If your child enjoys nature, critters, conducting experiments, building stuff, and simply finding out how and why things work then we have an adventure for them! Science Eye Safari Camp provides engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based programs that enables children to explore the world around them, gain new insights and make them aware that science is an exciting part of everything they do.

The days are filled with interactive-learning simulations, games, animal encounters, nature, crafts and edible activities. Our goal is to have fun while instilling self-confidence, develop critical thinking skills and to create a positive relationship with the environment.
Camp Activities
Every day is filled with science exploration activities that build on current scientific principles from the life, physical and Earth/space sciences. Campers are immersed into the roles of scientists in the different scientific fields making observations, conducting experiments, participating in field studies, engaging in dialogue with a visiting scientist and so much more…as they would in real life. By participating in fun, interactive, hands-on projects, campers learn to explore the world around them to gain new insights in becoming better Scientists and Environmental Stewards.

Although each camp week will have various activities that build on the previous week(s), it is not necessary for campers to attend each week in order to participate.
Life Sciences

floraWe will cover the gamut of life sciences from the microscopic to the ecosystem level and how it’s all connected, so it’s all affected.  Although we may explore different ecosystems found around the world, one of the focuses each week will be on those specific to Florida including its flora and fauna. Campers will immerse themselves in nature exploring a variety of different methods that real biologists use to study both in the lab and in the field.  Various interactive hands-on activities may include catching, indentifying, and classifying small aquatic animals, identifying different animal calls, and nature photography.  Each day campers will return home as an Ecologist, Animal Behaviorist, Wildlife Manager, Cell Biologist, or Geneticist. We build on what your child has learned or will learn in school so they can teach you a thing or two about their natural world.

recycleAt Science Eye we want our science campers and future Environmental Stewards to understand the impact we have on our biosphere, so we also explore various environmental issues that are affecting our planet. We may conduct water quality tests investigating possible sources of pollution, look at soil erosion, deforestation, and ocean dumping. However, we know it is important to find positive solutions to these problems and we have awesome activities that cover alternative energy, resource conservation, and ethical angling.

Physical & Engineering Sciences
roller coasterAfter attending camp, the physical sciences will no longer be overlooked.  At our Science Camp we investigate why we observe certain actions and reactions as we conduct some exciting and sometimes messy experiments, demonstrating different principles, laws, and theories that Newton, Bernoulli, and others have described.  Your physicist will have a blast testing these ideas on the angle needed for a roller coaster curve, maximum rocket flight altitude, or the possibility of defying the law of gravity. What our campers learn will shock and amaze you.

Building on the fundamentals learned with the physical sciences, the inquisitive young mind will be able to apply them to engineering problems that we then test. Can the campers solve various scenarios by engineering a solution based off physics principles? Is it possible to build a boat out of stuff in the junk drawer and make it float? What does it take to make a plane fly a loop? What would it take to knock down a castle wall? Our camp has an answer(s) for each of these questions. We further build on the Scientific Method and S.T.E.M., but in a way that your child will never forget.

Earth & Space Sciences

Throughout the weeks, campers may become a Geologists, Paleontologists, Meteorologists or Astronomers. Our different hands-on activities help make what can be a dull topic into a completely engaging one. We will be able to cover the span of a few billion years into the week (we are that good) as our newly minted scientists come home with their awesome discoveries.  They will be able to mine precious gems or perhaps even excavate a piece of dinosaur bone or megaladon tooth. We make sure not only are the campers able to identify what they discover but how it formed in the first place.  In addition, our campers may be able to make a weather forecast for that night or even the next morning after they hone their sky reading skills.  Who needs the Weather Channel when you can have a Science Safari camper?

We feel a good scientist has a well rounded knowledge base, so don't be surprised if our activities also get involved with Archeology, Forensics, Cultural Sciences, Math, Geography and more. Each week will cover different aspects and activities for each of these science groups. If you attend one week, or all the weeks we make sure there are always fun activities and something new to learn.
Field Trip Fridays
Butterfly World & Tradewinds Park - Campers will explore the largest butterfly park in the world featuring over 80 species of butterflies, hummingbirds and lorikeets. After lunch they will enjoy the nature and fun at Tradewinds Park.
Palm Beach Zoo - Campers, as Zoologists, will observe over 550 species of animals. Although the animals won't be in their natural habitat, campers will better understand how the animals adapt and camouflage to their environment.
Trips are not necessarily listed in order. Dates are listed below.
Camp Details
2017 Camp Dates, Times & Registration Deadlines

Week 1

Week 2
Dates June 19-23
9am to 4pm
July 10-14
9am to 4pm
June 16 3pm July 7 3pm
On-line registration closes at the end of the business day the Friday before camp starts. If you wish to register after the deadline, please email, as space might still be available.
Field Trip Friday Palm Beach Zoo Butterfly World & Tradewinds Park

Camp is located at South Plantation High School 1300 SW 54th Ave, Plantation, FL 33317 - Magnet Building (see map in the checklist)

Registration Cost, Discounts

Field trips, lunch, snacks and transportation are included in the price of the camp.

john the bakerLunch is being Catered by John The Baker. If your child does not like what is on the menu for that day, please feel free to provide lunch. Click to view/download Lunch Menu.
Menu will be uploaded as soon as it is confirmed at the end of May.ace tours logo

Field trip transportation is being provided by Ace Tours & Transportation.

Multi-Week Discount
(per child
1 Week 2 Weeks
$300 $575
Multi-Child Discount $25 off for multiple child (One per family/household-if multiple children go multiple weeks, the $25 is off the final cost)
Early Registration Discount $25 off for early registration (Deadline May 13, paid in full by May 27, One per family/household)
* On-line registration closes at the end of the business day the Friday before camp starts. If you wish to register after the deadline, please email, as space might still be available.
After Care
After care is $10/child/day from 4pm to 5pm. After 5pm the rate is $5/minute.
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